Shit and Roses

Shit and Roses

I was undergoing some tough shit these past few days. I am telling you, it wasn’t pretty. It was sad, pathetic, traumatic, a massive mixture of crazy soup, unenlightened stuff not meant for blogging at all. It was tough and still is.

But then I realized, everyone experiences difficulties. Hell, we experience more of shit than of roses in real, actual life. So why not be honest and admit one’s frailties and low moments? Accept life’s positive and shit and all? Why pretend or cover up these insane and weak moments? Why paint a fabulous selfie all the time? I then realized that I needed to get real.

Maybe these moments aren’t neat and flowing. Maybe these moments destroyed an image that I had saved in my head of myself. But these moments also contain seeds of possibilities. Maybe a seed full of slaps to wake the hell up! Maybe a seed to rise up beyond suffering, or whatever.

I don’t know yet, but hard as it may be, I am gonna use all the facets of life – shit and roses and betweens to at least try.


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