Seekers Seeking

Seekers Seeking

Seeking and being a seeker is not that easy. 

I sometimes stare at people, are they really alive? Have they really found meaning in their lives? Or better yet, have they thought about who they really are for a second? Am the only alien person here, ever wondering about life and its mysteries?

Well, seeking can be lonely too. It does not always have company. It mostly requires courage and daring to be alone, trodding like a blind person unto unknown shores. A seeker is not afraid to go against the tides of society.  

Most of the time, it doesn’t give any solace to your dreams. No promises of fame, power nor riches. It actually breaks everything you wished for, shatters you completely. It demands your very best, your most authentic self, your most vulnerable self – until you reached your real and simplest form. Undiluted. Uncorrupted. Clear like a still lake on a day without clouds. Reflecting only the full moon.

Seeking and becoming a seeker requires a real hunger. A thirst for the everlasting, the absolute.  This great discontent is the fire. 

Yet despite every effort, it doesn’t promise you any destination. You may reach, or you may stay stuck for a million lives. There is no guarantee. At times, one loses the fight and gives up. At times, one loses direction and gets lost in the woods. 

In the end, personally, I choose to continue. I have trust and faith that existence will smile at me, because deep in my heart and embedded in my bones, I know no other way to be – but to be a seeker. 


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