What is awareness? I have been trying to fathom this lately.

Somehow I noticed that in some situations, like in a work meeting for instance, there is a very subtle “shrinkage” happening inside of me. In my body, I unconsciously cross my arms, protecting my chest area and keeping myself “into a ball” occupying as little space as possible, where I crunch my shoulders and not straighten up my spine.

With some people, it may not be as obvious, but if you listen a little bit deeper to your body, some people also bring this kind of effect on you. 

It can also be very subtle, a certain change of breath, a sudden tightness, normally in the jaw, chest or stomach areas.

Different situations, people, food, places and things bring a certain effect on us.

The trick is to listen, listen deeply and listen without judgment and preconceived ideas.

But before one can listen, some silence is needed from within you. Silence from our inner talk and inner battles. 


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