I watched a documentary on minimalism today. I said, hey, that’s easy, I am not much of a materialist myself.

 But when I came to take a closer look into my life, I can see that I have been on denial all along. 

1) Who needs four winter jackets for someone who lives in a tropical country? Just because I visit Europe two weeks a year, that doesn’t justify buying those other three more. Oh yeah, they were more “fashionable” at that time. Not to mention the shawls, leg warmers, stockings and winter boots. So where are those stuff? They’re stuck at my friend’s attic in Germany for safekeeping, waiting for me ’til I visit her again. 

2) I have two saris that I have never worn. Since I bought them at what I thought was a steep price during my Mumbai trip eight years ago, I have justified on keeping them in my closet.

3) I have bought more than 50 books (from my last count) that I have only skimmed the first few pages but never read them. I have too much an ADHD to finish them.

4) I have eight email accounts I use to register on different social media accounts, five blog pages, two facebook accounts and tons and tons of subscriptions and accounts on different sites that I never use. 

5) I have stuffed animals that I never care about. 

6) I am now down to fifteen pairs of footwear from 30 eight years ago. But still, tons of clothes and blings – far more than I can remember, much less wear. 

So yeah right, I am a not a materialist.

And oh, I have a 55-inch curved TV that I watch movies on, for less than thrice a month.

What about you? Are you a minimalist or a materialist in denial?


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